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Information for Disability Professionals

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Power to You Participants are provided with content that will help them in the workforce, create a network of support, and plan for a suitable living situation.

Power to You empowers Participants to make decisions about their care and life path.

This leads to increased motivation to set and reach goals, work toward autonomy, and pursue more social interaction. All these benefits contribute to more participation and engagement in the community and a higher quality of life.

Our program will build knowledge, skills, confidence, motivation and participation by:

  • Helping Participants to understand the importance of autonomy, choice and preferences
  • Supporting Participants to commit to planning as a way of thinking, plan for the person – not the problem and think life-long
  • Discussing with Participants how social connectedness can be established and utilised as informal safeguarding
  • Discussing the concept of home and accommodation choices available
  • Outlining the practical steps to live independently.

Power to You is designed in collaboration with people with disability for an accessible e-learning experience.

You can find out more by downloading our information flyer here.

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